PT Not a Crossfitter: Day 21

Day 21

Another busy day at work, mostly due to front desk inefficiencies again. I am hoping this staffing issue gets resolved soon so that we can get back to our normally scheduled programming.  That being said, opening day is only 13 days away…my lucky number!

Breakfast: Black coffee over ice (I actually had to bring the car back in for a license plate bracket issue so I forgot breakfast today
Lunch: Burger patty, sweet potato, brussels sprouts
Dinner: Spaghetti Squash, ground beef, tomato sauce

Water intake: 80 oz

Activity: Couch to 5K app Week 4 Day 2

Mindfullness: Headspace App Day 5

Summary: I am having some serious baseball fever already, and I am pumped to be able to see the Mets 3 times this upcoming year…not bad for a now native Texan.LGM.jpg

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