PT Not a Crossfitter: Day 19

Day 19

Really wondering if I am doing enough resistance and weight activities.  The soreness is there, but I don’t feel like I am pushing enough and getting enough of a workout in.

Breakfast: 2 hard boiled, Iced Black Coffee
Lunch: Smoked BBQ beef brisket no sauce
Dinner: Sausage mushroom onion omelette, La Croix

Water intake: 80 oz

Activity: Shrugs with 25# weights 3×20
Scapular Pinches with 25# 3×20
Supine Scapular punches 25# 3×20
Mini wall squats with physioball behind back with 25# 3×20

Mindfullness: Headspace App Day 3

Summary: Looking to up my weight activities, may have some interesting lifting news soon.

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