PT Not a Crosfitter: Day 30


Well I did what I set out to do. Try to eat right and work out for 30 days and get ready for an attempt at the next level: Crossfit


Breakfast: 2 Hard boiled eggs, black coffee over ice
Lunch: Spaghetti Squash with meat sauce
Dinner: Chicken salad with compliant mayo and grapes, banana

Water intake: 80 oz

Activity: Couch to 5K app Week 5 day 3

Mindfullness: Calm App Day 4

Summary: I weighed in this morning at 305 lbs.  I did not reach my goal of 300 lbs or less, but overall I am happy to have lost 15 pounds on this Whole30/Exercise experiment.  I still don’t think I will begin Crossfit until I am under 300 lbs, but I also think it will be much easier to start Crossfit after some of my work and school projects are completed come June. I am sure I will be under my self imposed weight of 300 lbs, and I hope to continue with the Couch to 5K app training and complete the last 3 weeks for once.  Who knows, maybe I will even run a 5K this year. I have never done that before, and we will see what shape I am in. There were some ups and downs, as expected, and I am glad I documented it for 30 straight days.
I am going to continue to blog (especially about health, and wellness, and injury prevention, and my journey to Crossfit) but I am turning this experiment into a a one time 30 day blog that can be found in my Monday: Health and Wellness Promotion Blog.  I am still going to try to blog daily during the weekdays, but each day is going to be relatively different topics. One of the main reasons I got back into this blog gig is to return to my English Major at WFU Roots and get back to writing.
Music as Meds Monday: All things music and therapy
Teach Me Something Tuesday: General Education
Wellfie Wednesday: Health and Wellness Promotion (special thanks to Patrick Brener on his title and constant twitter reminders to me and the general public)
Throw Me The Ball Thursday: Sports and Rec (which includes all things Mets, Giants, Islanders, Knicks, Wake Forest, East Carolina…and anything interesting going on in the world of sports and sports medicine
Foodie Friday: Food and Booze (Some healthy food as medicine ideas, Whole30 recipes, beers and booze I enjoy)

One of my best friends has worked up all of my logos, and I am working on getting the website up to par. Hope you will continue to follow, and check out some of my online educational seminars as they are released. Thanks to those of you for reading so far.  Please feel free to comment and share, and lets do as Frank Sinatra says, “Start spreadin’ the news!!!”

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