Physical Therapy Rock N Roll Star…Part 3

Physical Therapy Rock N Roll Star…Part 3

I have recently been wondering if the field of Physical Therapy needs a Rock N Roll star or a superstar to elevate the field in the eyes of the public. I am sick of hearing how the public doesn’t know what we do. I am sick of hearing how physical therapy has a branding problem. So let’s do something about it!

Greg Todd

As I have mentioned before. I have a very short list of those who I feel could be the next big thing to transcend the field of physical therapy to become a rock superstar, and live large
a big house, five cars! (Shout out to Cypress Hill). My next spotlight bio is the one and only Greg Todd. This guy is a little but country and a little bit rock n roll, but a lot bit hype. He is like the guy in a ska band in a suit who at first glance you think just jumps around the stage and hypes the crowd up…but then you realize he’s the damn band leader and the heart and soul and energy of the whole damn show.

The Why

Greg obviously has the energy, he has the experience, he has the business knowledge, but he ties it all together very nicely. He has several ways to mainline his content. If You would like Greg’s free report on how to double your earning potential as a Physical Therapist, CLICK HERE. This is my affiliate link to Greg’s info. But you can also catch him doing lives on facebook, youtube the heck out him, or follow him and his drone adventures on twitter and instagram. The moral of the story is, this guy and his following have some great ideas and some amazing motivation to move the needle forward in the field of physical therapy.


Physical Therapy Rock N Roll Star…Part 3
Greg Todd

The bottom line is if Greg Todd is not the next physical therapy superhero (and he wears all the shirts) or Rock N Roll star, somebody from his crew will be. I have worked on countless projects with these folks and they are all top notch. Check Greg and his stuff out when you get a chance. More to come on him later this week!

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