Physical Therapy Rock N Roll Star Part 5: Belly Guru Yoga Goddess Dr Lisa Holland

Physical Therapy Rock N Roll Star Part 5: Belly Guru Yoga Goddess Dr Lisa Holland

Continuing my mini-series searching for Physical Therapy’s next Rock N Roll Star, I turn this week to a dear friend and former co-worker of mine. I tell this story very often to clinicians feeling like they being hampered or held back by their setting. Dr Lisa Holland, PT, DPT, WHC, C-IAYT, CAP and I worked together for a hospital system outpatient clinic in the Charlotte, NC area years ago. Both of us were working on several projects and personally growing a developing. The hospital system however was not very supportive of many of our ideas and growth.

Dr Lisa Holland
Dr Lisa Holland

So what happened?

We both ended up leaving the hospital system to do our own things, and follow our own passions, and I was fortunate enough to cross paths with Lisa again a while back. She took time out of her day to just chat with me and talk me through some ideas I was working on. I was fortunate enough to work with Lisa on these big ideas before she blew up to be this amazing and powerful entrepreneurial leader for women. Lisa now has many classes and courses and mastermind groups and facebook groups and she is simply amazing! If you are a woman and looking to expand and grow as a clinician, business owner, and happy, healthy, human being, check Lisa’s stuff out HERE. The sign ups for this group have closed, but get on the waitlist for the next one. You will not regret it.


Lisa is a brilliant and amazing leader and business woman and mompreneur! She is all over the place these days, and I eagerly await the opportunity to pick her brain again and cross paths with her early and often. I think the moral of the story and the reason Lisa entered my life was to show me that if your setting is not allowing you to grow, you have other options. I hope one day to be half as successful an individual as Dr Lisa Holland. She does the profession proud!

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