Paying Homage To The Greats (A Lesson From Jay-Z And Beyonce)

Paying Homage To The Greats (A Lesson From Jay-Z And Beyonce)

The latest version of the Grateful Dead (Dead and Company) visited my home state of New York the last few days. I figured we could learn a thing or two from this visit. Paying homage to the greats (a lesson from Jay-Z and Beyonce) is a prime example of the best giving props to the best. Two of the largest personalities not only in the world of pop and rap, but in today’s society gave props to the greats.

Paying Homage To The Greats (A Lesson From Jay-Z And Beyonce)
Beyonce and Jay-Z give props to Dead and Co.

What This Says About Our Culture?

We are in a time when so many negative things are happening in the world. It is wonderful to see artists from “other” genres such as pop and rap giving credit to jam bands/rock n’ roll bands that paved the way for so many great artists and musicians. I think we need more of this collaborative “Sharin’ in the Groove” vibe in all facets of life. If you, like me, are a PT, give a shout out to an OT doing great things. If you are a professional football player (like Jordy Nelson or Aaron Rodgers) give a shout out to your team doctors for all the good they do. Perhaps you own a restaurant, give a shout out to the IT and tech guru who set up your website and got you a bunch of new customers.


So many greats have paved the way for others. Sir Isaac Newton is credited with the quote “If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” There are so many great people to start giving credit to, it should become parts of your every day practice to acknowledge somebody for something positive they did to impact your life. Who is your daily shout out and/or acknowledgement? Leave a comment and let us know.


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