What is your optimal workout mix? A Call to Action

What is your optimal workout mix? A Call to Action


So being a designated as Franchise Player for Team #MQuattro in this #SummerOfMove #FreeTheYoke Competition has sparked an old hobby of mine: Crafting the perfect workout play list. I used to listen to all music all the time, but in my older age, I have become the stereotypical “Old Fogie” I always said I would never become and I listen to Podcasts/Talk Radio.


Well this summer…that all changes…I am back and better than ever and I am bringing my love of sad bastard, folk rock, singer/songwriter, solo crooner, “slow jabmz” with me!!! What!?! I am the only one who works out to Ryan Adams “The Bar is a Beautiful Place” on repeat while working out?


Fair enough. I am going into heavy recruitment mode for Team #MQuattro as a Franchise Player, and I plan on being more active than ever this summer, but I want to hear what YOUR soundtrack is for working out. Our fearless Team Leader Jerry Durham (“Oh Captain, My Captain!”)


is all Beastie Boys and Rage Against the Machine all day errrrday….and I have nothing against that. As a matter of fact I used to utilize Girl Talk (Greg Gillis) and his 3 mash-up albums (available for fee in link) as fuel for the earworm while working out, but I just got into a groove where the slow, sad, depressing stuff motivated me from a deep, dark place. But like I said, this summer is different. This summer…we MOVE. So drop me your favorite workout tracks or playlists here or on any of my social media outlets, and lets get moving and help some great charities in the process, like StandHaiti!


Different strokes for different folks when it comes to workout music, but don’t sweat it! (see what I did there?) Use what works for you as long as it keeps you moving.

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