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If you are looking to level up and double your earning potential as a Physical Therapist, take Greg Todd's SSPT course. It will change your life and career!

Dr Lisa Holland's Mind Body Brand Academy

Dr Lisa Holland’s Body Boss Course - A Course for women looking to take their healthcare business to the next level

Paul Gough's PT Business and Marketing School

If you want to know how to market directly to patients and not rely on doctors for referrals anymore, then this course is a must take!

Dr Aaron Lebauer

If you are looking to start a cash based physical therapy practice, try this amazing course by friend and colleague Dr Aaron LeBauer.

Dr Danny Matta's Gym PT Blue Print

If you are a Physical Therapist, looking to start your own practice in a gym, try Danny Matta's Gym PT Blueprint Course.

Dr Patrick Berner, PT, DPT, RDN

The Fuel Physio's course on How to Incorporate Nutrition into your practice

Tracy Sher

The Pelvic Guru with courses about all things pelvic health related (Women AND Men)

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