NFL Gets One Thing Right: Kickoff 2017 with Guster

NFL Gets One Thing Right: Kickoff 2017 with Guster

The NFL (and more specifically Roger Godell) have gotten a lot wrong the last few years. In the most recent odd suspension situation, Ezekial Elliot was suspended 6 games, however, he is still allowed to play week one versus the New York Giants. His suspension was upheld at 6 games, but they are games 2-7. How this makes any sense is beyond me. But the NFL Gets One Thing Right: Kickoff 2017 with Guster

The Setlist

The hometown boys from Massachusetts played a short set at the NFL Kickoff Special at lunch today, and thanks to Live on Youtube, Guster fans and Football fans alike were able to stream it and it was glorious. The setlist was as follows:

Homecoming King
(Chariots of fire)
Barrel Of A Gun
Doin’ It By Myself
This Could all Be Yours Someday

Fond Guster Memories

While I generally dislike anything Patriots related, I enjoy the NFL and I enjoy Guster, and it really made me want to dig back in the archives and re-listen to Guster’s entire catalog again. Guster has always been a favorite of mine and my brother’s and they have always been such personable guys in the years we have followed them. I have two favorite memories of Guster. One is at Wait Chapel at Wake Forest University where they played a verse of Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend” for us since we held up a sign requesting it all night. The Second is when my brother Devyn and I got to meet them after their Radio City Music Hall show along with Ben Kweller, who came out for the encore and played “I Hope Tomorrow is Like Today”. They were all really nice and signed Devyn’s record for him.


No matter how down you get on the NFL (or the No Fun League as some like to call it), and how ridiculous Roger Godell is, you have to respect the NFL’s programming people. They get a local band, who has been organically growing for many, many years to come out and play a free show for the fans on opening day for the Kickoff Classic. So just remember, if you put in the long hard hours for long enough, and play for the long game, you too can land a dream opportunity of opening for the NFL one day. Go Guster Go!!!

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