NFL DRAFT DAY: With the 23rd pick in the draft the New York Giants select…

NFL DRAFT DAY: With the 23rd pick in the draft the New York Giants select…(please say a lineman…please say a lineman…please say a lineman!!!)

Today’s post is a nice little bit of escapism for me to be able to talk about NFL professional football in the beginning stages of the MLB Baseball season.  With my New York Mets playing more like the New York Mutts we have all come to know and adore, I need a little break 1/8th into this still very young season.  So what better timing for the next three days of NFL draft than right now!?!

And I know what you all are thinking…a lineman is not exactly a sexy pick for any true fan to make a 1st round pick request for, but its the New York Giants…how many “sexy” picks have they really made in the last 10 years? Truth be told, the Giants have a lot of needs. They would likely benefit from a real Tight End, a Running Back, a Defensive Tackle, a Cornerback (or three…because all drafted CBs for the Giants get hurt), and a Linebacker.

There are many reasons I hope the Giants take a lineman in the first round, aside from really needing one, and getting Eli Manning more protection (he is starting to get pretty old and beat up in that pocket over the years…not like David Carr beat up…but still pretty banged around), the main hope is VALUE.

The Giants have always been a fan of picking the best valued player on the board, regardless of need (not always, but as far back as I can remember). At pick number 23, the best value left of the board is going to be a lineman anyway.  I am completely dumbfounded at how many Tight Ends are predicted to go in round one this year. Regardless of how the draft goes, its a nice little escape from bad baseball for a few days.  Lets Go Big Blue!

ONE THING I LEARNED TODAY: RELAX!!! Its only your favorite sports team and its only a game! I love most things sports related, because they are a good way to stay active and healthy, but it is easy to get wrapped up the details of what exactly your favorite teams are doing.

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