So here is a neat “Beer Review” for foodie Friday. This goes out to all of my followers who are or were college students and have student loan debt. AB InBev’s economy brand Natural Light used the Super Bowl to announce a new contest. It looks to pay back college students for all those less-than academic nights spent over indulging in its moderately affordable, boozed-up bliss. The brand launched a contest called #NattyStories. It aims give 25 students and former students a chance to win $40,000 each–from a pot of $1 million overall–to pay off student debt.

The Contest

To enter, all you have to do is post a video describing your “inspiration for going to college,” that includes a shot of a green pull-tab from cans of limited-edition Natty Light packs. It has been said that the connection between Natural Light and college students is a “natural” fit. When you look at Natural Light consumers and the role the brand plays in their lives, it makes sense to have a conversation about college student debt. Stories about Natural Light’s Glory Days are sure to remind people of the good times of college and not have it overshadowed by the debt they have to repay. The campaign will be running over the first half of the year, with all the winners announced by college graduation season.


There are several ways to repay your college student loans. I personally am trying to attack every one possible. I am leaving no stone unturned. It may be a long shot, but I feel like its worth it to tell my story. Just need to find me a green tabbed Natural Light Can. Then you guys will all be seeing my story about what inspired me to go to college (and grad school).



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