My Breakup Story (With Diet Code Red Mountain Dew)

My Breakup Story (With Diet Code Red Mountain Dew)

For many years (dating back to my childhood) I drank soda. I worked at a golf course every summer from when I was 16 to when I finished grad school at 26. One of the best jobs I ever had. But it meant early mornings, and hot summer days. I generally drank AT LEAST two sodas per day. Here is my breakup story (with Diet Code Red Mountain Dew).


My Breakup Story (With Diet Code Red Mountain Dew)
Diet Code Red Mountain Dew

Lovely Hawaii

After graduating from PT School and passing my board exam, I felt the need to travel the country in order to clear my mind and find myself after my father’s unexpected and untimely death. I started my year as a travel PT.

One of my first assignments was a 5 month home health contract in Honolulu, Hawaii. I loved it. I loved living the culture, exploring the islands, and the people. It truly was an amazing experience. But upon arriving in Hawaii, I noticed I could not find my go to soda anywhere. Diet Code Red Mountain Dew was nowhere to be found. I drank 2 per day religiously. One for breakfast to wake me up, and one for lunch to get me through the rest of the day. What was I going to do!?! I called my friend who worked at Pepsi and she said that at that present time, they were not shipping it to Hawaii because it did not test well there. So I took a day or two, ran a bunch around Ala Moana park, then decided I would quit it cold turkey…and I did!

Ala Moana Beach Park
Ala Moana Beach Park


Breaking up with soda is not easy. I had caffeine withdrawal headaches, the shakes, and felt tired and sluggish for about a week. But I know it was the right thing to do. At this point, we know sodas are pretty terrible for you. The dyes, chemicals, artificial sweeteners, and sugar alone are simply not great to put into your body on a regular basis. I would love to see some of the data and research on any of the ingredients on sodas, so if you have any of those details please feel free to comment or post. Now I drink black coffee over ice these days for my morning pick me up. I have not found a black coffee I enjoy the flavor of yet (so if you have one of those, feel free to comment that too). But I know it’s healthier for me so I just suck it up and do it (plus I can’t wait to see the Taylor Swift Breakup Anthem about this one!)

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