Mr. Met Is Mad As Hell And He Is Not Going To Take It Anymore

Mr. Met Is Mad As Hell And He Is Not Going To Take It Anymore

Mr. Met Is Mad As Hell And He Is Not Going To Take It Anymore. The New York Mets are in the news again for another injury…this time, it was an injury to their reputation. Mr. Met (the first ever MLB mascot)

Mr Met 1st Ever Baseball Mascot
Mr Met 1st Ever Baseball Mascot

after getting fed up with the play of the Mets, and getting bad mouthed by the tough New York fan base gave a fan a finger while heading back to the locker room.

In defense of Mr. Met, he only has four fingers, so I am of the full belief that we are still not sure which finger he was utilizing. He may have just been stating that he is of the belief that “We are still #1!” Unfortunately, the New York media did not see things the same way, and crucified poor Mr. Met.

Mrs. Met was not available for comment…mainly because she does not talk…but it can be assumed things are not good in the Mets’ family household.

Mrs Met
Mrs Met









No matter how bad things get, it goes back to having PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) and keeping a level head.  I have been consistently let down by the Mets year after year (some years worse than others), but it almost makes the good times that much more special. On this same day we crucified Mr. Met, Johan Santana threw the Mets only no-hitter 5 years prior. (Granted it has been argued that his 130+ pitches to get the no-hitter broke him too) But it was still historic. So whether it is a change in eating patter, a rehab protocol, an exercise plan, or studying for a big test. If things are going poorly, just breathe, keep a cool head, and stay positive. Things will be fine.

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