Makers of Music Monday: The Script – Changes (Tupac Cover)

Makers of Music Monday: The Script – Changes (Tupac Cover)

I am going through a major series of changes. Several different transformations of epic proportions at present time. I obviously loved 2Pac’s song changes back when I was in college. But I thought today I would even change that classic up and present with you a cover of that song by The Script. I also wanted to talk about how change is inevitable, but can also be a good thing!

How to Handle Change

First off, if you accept that change is inevitable, it may help you cope slightly easier. If you just realize that things are always bound to change at some point, and that most of the time it will be for the better it can make things easier to deal with. Occasionally change will be for the worse. But if that is the case you need to work towards changing back or pivoting and going a different direction. A roll with the punches, go with the flow attitude is always going to be the best way to handle change. It just may not always come as easy to some as it does to others.


Weather you are changing jobs, diets, workout routines, or hard to break habits, change can be scary if you let it be. If you remain open to learning they why behind the change and how to best adapt to it, it may even benefit you in the end. Change doesn’t have to be so scary. I used to worry about change all the time, which is why I would try to avoid it. But now that I have reframed my mindset as to changes’ inevitability, I can just expect it. And when you come to expect things, the fear just slowly melts away. So don’t be afraid of change. As a matter of fact, go try to actively change something that is not working for you. Let me know how it goes. Leave a comment all about it.

Makers of Music Monday: The Script - Changes (Tupac Cover)
Makers of Music Monday: The Script – Changes (Tupac Cover)

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