Makers Of Music Monday: Change Your Mind (Mindset)

Makers Of Music Monday: Change Your Mind (Mindset)

I have been hearing this song in my dreams a lot lately. I am not entirely sure why, but I know mindset and change and shifting of mindset has been the talk of the town lately. So for today’s Makers Of Music Monday: Change Your Mind (Mindset) I bring to you Sister Hazel – Change Your Mind.

“If you want to be somebody else.
If your tired of fighting battles with yourself
And if You want to be somebody else
Change your mind”


A good friend of mine, Dr Craig Bowen was a guest on a Facebook Live interview for our Mobile PT League Facebook Group not too long ago. He really dove deep into the importance of mindset, paradigms, and subconscious. It really got me thinking how important mindset is. I always default to a hero of mine, Dr Carol Dweck and the book Mindset. People really just need to realize what kind of mindset (or percentage of each mindset) they have (fixed or growth) and then decide if they want to take the necessary steps to work on it or not. Its really that simple. It is really astonishing to me that people can have such limiting views on things, but I understand and appreciate that it exists, and all I can do is work on my mindset.


If you are in a bad situation, or something negative happens, often times you simply have to reframe your thought process on the issue. Literally change your mind. This song by Sister Hazel has never been one of my favorites of theirs, but it has really rung true to me as of late. If you are going to be successful at anything; running a business, starting a new eating habit, beginning a new work out program, you have got to have the right mindset.

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