Lesser Known Beastie Boys Song “Gratitude”

Lesser Known Beastie Boys Song “Gratitude”

I am writing today’s Makers of Music Monday blog about a lesser known Beastie Boys song “Gratitude”. I am dropping this oldie but goodie because I have been absolutely overwhelmed with gratitude to be included on the UpDoc Media 2017 list of Top 40 Physical Therapy Influencers. On this list are some of my heroes and mentors. These are people in the field of Physical Therapy and Healthcare that are just generally doing great things to help move the profession of physical therapy forward. They are also moving healthcare and how it is delivered in new and exciting trajectories.

Lesser Known Beastie Boys Song "Gratitude"
UpDoc Top 40


Jerry Durham, a man who has shown me so much in the last year alone as I have gotten to know him, and collaborate with him. Paul Gough, one of the business greats. The Knowbodies, who really taught Brandon Poen and I HOW to podcast, without Will (and Ben Fung…also listed) there would be no Healthcare Education Transformation Podcast. Kelly Starrett and Stephania Bell, two of the only real, actual Rock Stars in the world of Physical Therapy and two more heroes of mine.

Karen Litzy and Jimmy McKay, two more Podcast gurus I love to listen to and learn from. Some of the kindest and most intelligent ladies in the world of Physical Therapy who I feel honored to be able to call on when I need to phone a friend on their respective specialities: Jess Schwartz, Julie Wiebe, Sandy Hilton, and Tracy Sher. Mike Wong, Rich Severin, and Jeff Moore, just amazing clinicians I have learned so much from over this past year and look forward to learning more from. And of course, Mike Eisenhart and the APHPT, to whom I owe a lot of my health journey to and will be forever grateful!


This list is filled with some brilliant minds, many of whom I have had the pleasure to collaborate with and work on some projects with over the last year. This is the main reason I believe I am even on this list, and I am writing today to show my gratitude. Check out this list, follow and support these people, then become one of them yourself. We have a long uphill battle ahead of us in the world of healthcare, lets do everything in our power to push the needle in the right direction.

Enjoy some old school Beastie Boys!

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