Lets Talk Running Surfaces

Lets Talk Running Surfaces

Today’s Wellfie Wednesday post is about running: Lets Talk Running Surfaces! I struggle with running in general because of my size, so I tend to stick to stationary and recumbent bikes when it comes to cardio. It all comes down to the fact that running is high impact, and at my current weight, it would not be as beneficial to my joints to get my cardio work in that way.

Running Surfaces
Running Surfaces

The Surfaces

The moral of the story is you can run on cement, dirt, grass, or treadmill. Cement is a very hard surface which will result in high impact. Dirt (or trail style running) can be as hard as cement, but a little less impact. You just have to be watchful where you are running on trails and keep an eye out for impediments (roots, rocks, etc). Grass is springy and the lowest impact surface and can be springy, which is good for joints, but can be slippery when wet. And last, (and certainly least) the treadmill. I hate the treadmill like most people, and I only use it as a physical therapy for gait (or walking pattern) training mainly. But it is a relatively low impact surface. I just worry about long term use and the micro posterior tug on the knee joints by the tread.

Overall, the surface you run on all comes down to personal preference and what you are looking for.


My journey is currently focusing on getting stronger and losing enough weight to be able to comfortably run again. I do jog on occasion when I must, but again, for now, I am still doing my cardio on a bike to ease off of the joints. When I do get back into running, I think I would like to try trail running, but I have been getting into “Greenways” more too lately. Charlotte, had a good one. There are some good ones in Austin. But Waco…yet to be determined.

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