Did you know Ryan Adams Prisoner B-sides were released!?!

Did you know Ryan Adams Prisoner B-Sides were released the other day?  I almost missed the boat and forgot all about this one. Which is really saying something regarding how busy I have been recently, because I am usually an aficionado of all thins Ryan Adams related.  I was sad to see that there are no Texas dates on the tour this year, but I am confident I will get to see Ryan Adams live again in the near future.

After a few listening rounds through the album, I think it is fair to say: These are B-sides! Which is kind of a funny assessment, because it is like defining a word by using the word, but it is true.  They are B-sides for a reason…they did not make the A-team cut list, so they sat on the cutting room floor. However, this does not mean that these songs are not good or noteworthy, they just aren’t quite as good as the songs that made the Prisoner album cuts.

This brings me to an important point I learned today when reflecting on Ryan Adms’ B-sides.  A) Ryan Adams has a rabid fan base, and they will buy this “album” and it will do well. B) Just because they are B-sides does not mean they aren’t good and as you can tell by (A) the financial success of .

ONE THING I LEARNED TODAY: Just because you have ideas or content that are not perfect or not the best, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be put out into the world. If you know more about a topic than anybody else, those people may benefit from you expelling your knowledge in whichever medium you so choose. Spread your knowledge in a positive and helpful manner, and lets help each other learn!



Ryan Adams Shares ‘Prisoner B-Sides’ Album

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