Do you know about the Pink Socks Tribe? #PinkSocks

Do you know about the Pink Socks Tribe? #PinkSocks

Do you know about the Pink Socks Tribe? #PinkSocks Have you ever come across someone, maybe a healthcare practitioner, wearing a pair of pink socks with black mustaches on them?  If you have, did you start seeing more and more of this pattern? The goal today is to teach you about the pink socks.

I had crossed paths with some pretty influential people in the healthcare field wearing these pink socks, and more and more, I started seeing them at conventions, and meetings, and talks, and speeches. At first I just thought these people I admired and had a fondness towards just had a cool sense of style and really dug the color pink. Well I liked pink, and I was gonna find me some pink socks! And I found a few pairs, but none as cool as the pink socks with the mustaches on them. Then one day, after tweeting about my “sort-of-pink-socks”, I got a reply from none other than the kilt wearing tribe leader Nick Adkins. He explained to me the true meaning of the pink socks and immediately sent me a pair as a gift.  His website can be found here:

Pink Socks Exerpt

“Somewhere along the way someone assigned a meaning to the pinksocks saying that anyone that wears them is disrupting healthcare from the ground up. To me the pinksocks are a lot like Burning Man, whatever they mean for you is what they mean. For me, I enjoy the moment of connecting with another person. Seeing them smile and us both sitting in the space of gratitude and oneness even if it is only for that moment. My intentions never were about disrupting healthcare… was and still is…..simply about having fun and sharing a connection with someone else. Isn’t that what we’re really doing with technology and digital health?

We’re harnessing the power of technology to improve connection between a doctor and her patient, between a patient and their care team. Using technology not to disrupt but to improve. To bring the relationship back to what it should be…..a shared moment in time. To understand that we are all in this together. Patients, providers, payers, vendors all working together toward a shared and common goal. The pinksocks are our reminder that shared connection is what it’s all about.”


I wear my pink socks proudly today, and have even purchased a few more pairs since being gifted my original pair. I still have not gifted my first pair yet, but I have a few people I am keeping an eye on to give my first gift pair to. Getting low on your gift stash and need to re-sock (see what I did there?) the pink socks can be found here.


If you ever see anyone wearing pink socks with mustaches on them, especially a healthcare provider, they are probably doing some pretty neat things to try to advance medicine and healthcare!

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