Just Another Manic Monday

Just Another Manic Monday

For those of you who are babies of the 80’s (or 1979 in my case, but was predominantly a baby in the 80’s) you may remember The Bangles. They sang “Walk Like An Egyptian” and “Eternal Flame”. They were four high haired, smoking hot chicks that were a bad ass, glam rock band throughout the 80’s. But one of my favorite tunes of theirs is “Manic Monday”.



How Life Gets Crazy

I got so busy doing 10 different things yesterday, I did not post my Makers of Music Monday post until 11:58pm. I should be sleeping at that time. But my wife was the one that pointed this out to me this morning: These are all projects and things that I have chosen to engulf myself in. In my mind, they are all things I love and am passionate about and I know will lead to a great outcome. If your life is getting Manic or Crazy and you feel like you are doing too many things, take a 20 second timeout.  Re-evaluate where you are, what you are doing, and is it imperative to your bigger vision and overall goals. Then cut the ones that aren’t, say no to new projects that don’t align, and prioritize.


Prioritize your family, your health, your spiritual beliefs, and the figure the rest out from there. You are going to have Manic Mondays, but you are going to have Freaky Fridays and Somber Saturdays. Just realize that if you take deep breaths and timeouts, or even meditate, you can still see clearly and prioritize  what is most important in your life. Once you figure that out, go all in on it. Triple down on it. And don’t look back. You will make mistakes, that’s fine, learn from them. But most of all, stay positive, and enjoy The Bangles!

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