Its The Final Countdown…

Its The Final Countdown…

I remember when this song used to be the theme for The Final Four Tournament and March Madness! Now I give to you Arrested Development fans, the new version of Its The Final Countdown…

It Truly is the Final Countdown

It is the last few days to register for Paul Gough’s Business Accelerator Course (Click Link to Register). If you are looking to grown your practice, this is the guy to learn from! But also it is the final countdown until the Throw Me The Ball Thursday Release of The PT Educator’s first public course offering. The Fantasy Football Review Course will be available for sale THIS THURSDAY! First 5 folks to leave a comment on this blog or on any of my social media links about the course will receive a $5 OFF code for following and supporting PTEducator.com. It has been a long and wild ride, but its only just beginning. There is some great content coming up in the next few months. I am so thrilled to not only be learning about such amazingly interesting topics, but to be teaming up with some of the greatest experts and guru’s on said topics to bring you the content to help you thrive and succeed. After this first year of content, I am likely going to pull back the throttle a little and will likely release fewer courses, but courses I still see as relevant. More importantly, courses you guys have all asked for, so I know they’re relevant!


Europe was an underrated 80’s Hair Band! I used to love The Final Countdown, but I also loved that song Carrie from the same album as well as Rock The Night! The album cover may even be the best part of Final Countdown. So go give that song one final listen and gear up for some great course and content releases!

Its The Final Countdown...
Its The Final Countdown…
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