It’s Not a Roller Coaster, It’s a Journey Through Space

It’s Not a Roller Coaster, It’s a Journey Through Space

I have been listening to Paul Gough’s  podcast for more than two years now. I have read his book, I have followed his social media, I have sat in on his webinars. I simply love and respect the way the guy looks at the business world of physical therapy and physiotherapy. He not only has his finger on the pulse, but his trajectory is spot on as far as the direction healthcare is heading.

Disney Rears Its Head In Healthcare Again

So my last post explained how we need to give the customer or patient an amazing experience from start to finish, each and every time (right Jerry Durham!?!). It is a prime example If Disney Ran Your Hospital: 9 1/2 Things You Would Do Differently (good luck finding a copy of this out of print gem!) rearing its head again. Paul has taught me that the public generally doesn’t care about your credentials and all the letters after your name. They simply want solutions to their problems. If you can deliver a stellar service and excellent patient care, people will not care if you have a Bachelor’s Degree, a Masters Degree, or a Doctoral Degree. People just want to be heard, understood, want they want solutions to their problems. If you can deliver that, all the credentials in the world will not matter.


I have a handful of credentials after my name, and will likely end up with a few more before my career is over. It is not because I need the credentials or I want the public to know how qualified I am. I am a self-professed lifelong learner and genuinely enjoy investing in myself and things I feel are going to help me get my patients better an an optimal level. If you feel you are weaker in a certain area, pursue a continuing education credentialing course. But do not feel like it is necessary. As long as you are a critical thinker and your clinical reasoning is sound, you have the skills you need to solve problems. Believe in yourself and go for it! If you would like to learn more on Paul’s tactics and techniques, CLICK HERE for his FREE course.

It's Not a Roller Coaster, It's A Journey Through Space
It’s Not a Roller Coaster, It’s A Journey Through Space
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