I’m Back…Back in the New York Grrr……

I’m Back…Back in the New York Grrr……

After the New York Mets win a game, they play this song, “Back In The New York Groove”. Although Ace Frehly of K.I.S.S. fame covered it, little known fact it was originally by a British Group called Hello.

Butt Let’s Talk Backs (See What I Did There?)

The Mets did not win tonight, they decided to lose in extra innings on a dropped fly ball. So because I did not get to hear this song, it just made me think of the low back/butt pain I have been having lately. I know what is going on, and where it is going on, but I find I have trouble treating it because I can’t get my hands to my back where they need to be. My issue has been a left sided SI Joint issue (or Sacroiliac Joint issue). It is a bit of radiculopathy (meaning it starts in my back and wraps around my hip and radiates down my left leg). So somewhere along the line, my sciatic nerve is being pinched by something. I would love a high velocity low amplitude thrust manipulation to my SI joint right about now. Fortunately for you, we at Epic Therapy and Wellness provide those. Unfortunately for me, I can’t provide one to myself.


I learned if I can’t treat the low back pain by myself manually, movement helps! Here is a picture of a decent stretch I have been doing to alleviate the pain for now.

I'm Back...Back in the New York Grrr......
I’m Back…Back in the New York Grrr……

I like it because it not only gets my lumbar area (or low back) but my thoracic (or mid back) as well. I will talk in the future about the issues in my mid back (Scheuermann’s Disease), but for now just try this stretch if you think you may be having SI Joint issues. It has been working for me. If it doesn’t work, feel free to contact us at Epic Therapy and Wellness for a more in depth evaluation.

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