I’m A Believer – Joe Firstman

I’m A Believer – Joe Firstman

This week’s Makers of Music Monday blog post is: I’m A Believer – Joe Firstman. Its a cover of a rare Shannon Lawson tune (and we all know how I love rare). But it is the message Joe is singing from the heart here that has really transcended me from my normal Joe Firstman kick to a much more meta analysis.

The Lyrics That Struck Me

“I’m a believer, I might be alone in this world. I’m a believer. Don’t matter what they say. I’m just believing in everything that’s believable. I spend all my time, trying to find something to believe.” I can’t thank Shannon (and Joe) enough for reminding us through the simplicity of song that, “Ya Gotta Believe”. I am not so sure it matter what you believe in as long as it rooted in positivity. One of the things I think I have gotten away from was believing in myself. Not that I was a failure or that I couldn’t do it (whatever “it” was) but that what I was doing was worthy of believing in.


I believe in myself. I have believed in myself at a very young age. It was almost as if I just knew I was going to go on to do big things. Granted it has taken quite some time to see this through to fruition, and it is still a work in progress, but it’s finally happening. Much of the hard work over the last two years is starting to pay off. I can not wait to share this success and belief system with others who are facing similar journeys. It all starts with a little bit of belief. Belief in yourself, belief in your mission, and belief in others. So listen to this tune, and go out and do something worth believing in today.


I'm A Believer - Joe Firstman
I’m A Believer – Joe Firstman

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