Have The Mets Really Cut The Head Of The Snake Off?

Have The Mets Really Cut The Head Of The Snake Off?

So the New York Mets have decided to go out with the old and in with the new. Pitching coach Dan Warthen (who was the pitching coach for the Mets from 2008-2017) has been let go. Manager Terry Collins has resigned (he is 68 after all). But most importantly, Rey Ramirez, the Mets trainer since 2004 is gone. But have the Mets really cut the head of the snake off with this move? I will only say this one more time, and then I will leave it alone: I felt the Mets had a Training Staff issue since 2009 when Jose Reyes had a “calf injury” that ended up being a missed diagnosis of a partially torn hamstring tendon. To this day the Mets blame the Dodgers doctors for the snafu, but you have to take ownership and responsibility for your players at that level.

Warthen and Ramirez Gone
Warthen and Ramirez Gone

So Now What?

Even though I am somewhat glad to see Rey Ramirez go, I am still concerned about Strength and Conditioning Coach Mike Barwis. At the professional level, strength and conditioning is huge (but are these guys getting too huge?) I like the fact that Cespedes and Syndergaard are both contemplating Yoga in the off season, but I think the entire team needs to consider more how more flexibility may make them all more well rounded athletes. I say this with the most severe caution applicable, but 2018 can not have near as many injuries for the New York Mets as 2017 did. If the numbers even come close to 2017 as far as injuries are concerned, I would say firing Barwis and cleaning house on the medical staff may be an appropriate move.



If there is ever someone who is infectious on your staff, it may be best to just remove them. Obviously Rey Ramirez is not the cause of blood clots in shoulders, fractured scapulae, ulnar nerve issues, and broken ribs, but removing him from the Mets staff was a good start. I just wonder if it was enough.

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