Foot Rubz (The Original Intended Use)

Foot Rubz (The Original Intended Use)

I wrote about the new Rubz device last week. I also said I would start a mini series on the many uses of it, so here it goes. So without further ado, I bring you SUREFOOT Foot Rubz Massage Ball (The Original Intended Use). As you can see by the packaging, it was originally intended as a foot massage tool. I actually had not used it as such yet because I have foot sensation issues. I am really weird about the way things make my feet feel. If I had to guess, I am setting myself up for some sort of odd neuropathy issues in the future. But I even sleep in socks (GASP! I know).

Foot Rubz
Foot Rubz (The Original Intended Use)


There are a lot of holistic medicine forms and western medicine practices that have a good focus on the feet. Acupuncture uses reflexology charts. It is not even uncommon to see some practices try to draw toxins from the feet (whether effective or not is another story). But one thing that is for certain, if you are not overly ticklish in the feet, foot massage can generally feel pretty good.

Foot Rubz (The Original Intended Use)


I may have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable about my feet. I don’t mind other people’s feet oddly enough. As a Physical Therapist, I treat foot, toe, and ankle injuries often. Touching and massaging and mobilizing other peoples feet has never been an issue for me. But I generally don’t like walking around barefoot, I struggle with tong like flip flops, and putting any sort of cream or lotion on them can only be done with immediate sock application. But this Rubz device is small, portable, inexpensive, and the nubz on the rubz look really comfortable. I may try it out this weekend by just putting it under the foot and rolling it back and forth as pictured above. Would probably help with plantar fascia issues. AND OMG IT COMES IN ORANGE!!!! BRAND GAME ON POINT!

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