Pink Floyd – Money $$$

Pink Floyd – Money $$$

The classic song by Pink Floyd – Money $$$ hits on some very deep and personal aspects of human behavior. The song was written in 1973 but it still rings true today, which is part of what makes it a classic. This is the Gov’t Mule cover of the classic song, (because Warren Haynes is a beast) but just listen to the message.


Bottom line is, you need to pay the bills right? I was stressing about this very same issue that many of use have a couple of years ago when I stumbled upon Paul Gough’s podcast. Since then, I have taken and implemented many of Paul’s techniques, and they work! And now you can too.

Money Feeds A Healthy Business

So registration for the “PT Business Growth School” program is now officially open to the public…One of the very best, easiest and most joyful ways of growing a PT business is to do it with Systems – so that you can escape the “RAT RACE” and grow and scale your practice with ease. There’s a new way to grow a successful PT Clinic…it doesn’t require that you constantly repeat $15 per hour tasks in your clinic…and it absolutely does involve Automated Systems that makes it easy to grow your business, whether you are there – or not. Leave all of that outdated “manual labour” stuff to your competition…

It’s 2018

And thanks to changes online and advancements in new software technology – there’s never been a better time to take back control of your clinic and MASTER the ability to grow your PT clinic with ease, powered by Systems. Paul just opened up registration to his “PT Business Growth School” Program where you will get the personal support from Paul to create your own automated systems so that you can easily grow your practice – without you having to be there to gain the money to feed your business. Paul has become famous for being the guy who “Automates” pretty much everything at his practice…and because he does (automate everything) it means he’ll able to spend 22 weeks of the year in foreign lands with his family and make the same money whether he goes to the office or not.  While all of the competition are busy“winning the rat race” – working way too hard to get just a little bit ahead…Paul has figured out how to create SYSTEMS that leverage Automation that means his business grows successfully without him.  And he wants to show you how to do it too. I don’t think there’s anything like it in the Industry – anywhere in the world – and the results that Paul’s previous students have had are simply “breathtaking”.

The Perks

As well as everything you’ll be getting on “PT BUSINESS GROWTH SCHOOL”, you’ll also be getting several high value, instant access bonuses when you choose to join:
* BONUS #1: “Profiting From Social Media – The New Way!” – Learn how to use Social Media to acquire NP’s on auto-pilot (Value $347)
* BONUS #2: “Free Two Month Guest Pass To Next Level Group Coaching Program” ($1600 Value)
* BONUS #3: “9 Ways To Create A Magical Waiting Room Experience” – they’ll send you this free bonus in “Graduation Week”
You get ALL THIS in ADDITION to everything you get in the program – and it will collectively add to the growth of your clinic and ultimately let you dominate in your small town – no matter who your competition, or how big their ad budget.


So, if you’re ready to escape the “RAT RACE”…and you want to move ahead in a new direction that’ll place more focus on using systems powered by AUTOMATION to grow your practice with ease, then “PT Business Growth School” is the right thing for you to take. Paul has placed a HUGE emphasis on implementation and accountability to ensure that you get this stuff done and see results. Paul is 100% there to set you up to “WIN”!



Pink Floyd - Money $$$
Pink Floyd – Money $$$


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