Fit Versus Fat Debate: Where Do You Weigh In?

Fit Versus Fat Debate: Where Do You Weigh In?

There is a recent study that was published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. The finding was simple yet enlightening: Sustained Physical Activity, Not Weight Loss, Associated With Improved Survival in Coronary Heart Disease. So if you exercise a few days a week for a prolonged period of time, weight loss may not matter when it comes to coronary heart disease.

Ted Talk

Fit Versus Fat Debate: Where Do You Weigh In?

There was a Ted Talk recently that showed that people who live to 100 or greater generally had two main strengths. CLose relationships and social interactions. More so than exercise, hypertension reduction, or being lean versus overweight. So again supporting that human are social beings, and with some evidence behind it, I can honestly say I am trying to do all the right things.


If you want to live a long healthy life, you have to exercise as much as possible over a long period of time, and be SOCIAL. Talk to people, interact, and then create deep long lasting relationships. People who will always be there for you and who you could ask for a loan in a tough spot, or someone who will be there to listen to you vent during a crisis. Those are the deep sort of relationships that you need to foster because that will help you in loving a long and healthy life.

I would love to hear you ideas on what you think you need to live a long healthy life, and if weight loss is really all that important in the bigger picture of health. I used to really worry about my weight, but now that I am off all of my medications and my blood pressure is normalized, a slow steady downward decrease in weight is just fine by me.

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