The Fantasy Doctors and Fantasy Elite Talent Masterminds

The Fantasy Doctors and Fantasy Elite Talent Masterminds

There are so many positive and wonderful experiences that the profession of Physical Therapy has brought into my life.  Aside from the brilliants minds of many of my peers and co-workers, and the cheerful experiences of countless patients over the years, there have been many surprises. Two of the most recent surprises involve combining my love for physical therapy and my love for fantasy football.

My credentials as a Doctor of Physical Therapy (as well as my BA in English) have led me to a path I never imagined I would be involved in at the beginning of my career. Obviously with my English background, I always enjoyed reading and writing, but blogging wasn’t even a thing when I started college. But now I get to take my writing talents to South Beach! (Just kidding LeBron).

Fantasy Football Injuries

I have been playing fantasy football with the same group of guys for the past 8 or 9 years. And while it is a great excuse to go to Raleigh, NC for a guys weekend, it can also payout well if you end up winning one of our two leagues. In the last 8-9 seasons of fantasy football I have had fairly decent success. (I hope the guys in my league reading this will comment on this to back me up here). One of the reasons I feel as though I have succeeded is utilizing my knowledge of injuries and basing my starting lineups based on how I feel they may affect a player.

New Opportunities Down Unknown Avenues

This interest in and passion for fantasy football injuries has led me to two new opportunities to do guest blogs for The Fantasy Doctors and The Fantasy Football Counselor’s Elite Talent Mastermind Group. Both groups share the same passion for fantasy football, injury news, and winning, so I am excited to see where this journey leads me. So please go and support these websites and check them out regularly and you will find my content!

Elite Talent Mastermind Group
Elite Talent Mastermind Group
The Fantasy Doctors
The Fantasy Doctors


Just because you are a Physical Therapist (or a Doctor, or a Nurse, or an IT Support individual) that should not define you or your career. You are a problem solver and you have a knowledge base that can be used to solve many people’s problems. So go out there, expand your horizons, push yourself, and help people by solving their problems.


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