Do you know what PMA stands for?

Do you know what PMA stands for? I can not say it is a universally accepted abbreviation. I can however say that if you are a New York Mets fan, and if you are a member of The 7 Line Army, you likely know what PMA stands for. Daren Meenan, the founder of The 7 Line has been preaching PMA for as long as I have been following him, and it has become a life mantra of my own since then.

PMA stands for Positive Mental Attitude (or Positive Mets Attitude if you’re so inclined). There is no greater time (if you’re a Mets fan) than right now for anyone to embrace this theory and thought process. Today is not a Makers of Music Monday, I know, but Sister Hazel has a song called, “Change Your Mind”.

Change Your Mind

“If you want to be somebody else,
If you’re tired of fighting battles with yourself
And you want to be somebody else,
Change your mind!” –Sister Hazel

This song is a great reminder that if you are not happy with the way something is going, change your frame of reference and change the way you think about it. I have always been a relatively positive and optimistic person. But this simple three letters has taken me to a new level.

The New York Mets are a dumpster fire again due to another run of major injuries, but I am trying to keep optimistic and happy and upbeat and find the silver lining. If we could just get to the All-Star Break at .500, we would have a decent shot. Lugo may be back, Matz may be back, Cespedes would likely be back, and Thor will be back eventually. But at this point, I am just trying to enjoy each game of the remainder of the season for what they are…a baseball game, and just accept the beauty in that.




If you are going through tough times, or something painful, or a depression, or a funk, just try to reframe your thought process or your frame of mind. Keeping a positive mental attitude is not always easy, but just give it a try…it can’t get any worse right?

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