Disney Does Sports (and Everything Else) RIGHT!

Disney Does Sports (and Everything Else) RIGHT!

If you are looking to do anything in business, take a page from Disney World. Disney Does Sports (and Everything Else) RIGHT! My family and I had the pleasure of staying at Disney’s All-Star Sports and Music Resort. We have never stayed at that resort, and literally only needed to lay our heads down for a few hour. We arrived late and we were leaving early before switching to our “package hotel”.

Disney Does Sports (and Everything Else) RIGHT!
Mickey Mouse

Not only did they have a stroller and pack and play awaiting our late arrival, but they forwarded our luggage to our next hotel while we were at the parks all day. AND IT WAS FLAWLESS. Anywhere else, and I would worry, and assume something was going to go wrong. My wife and I talk about this all the time. There is no customer service anymore. Anywhere! From the Subway Sandwich Technician screwing up your sandwich while you are in front of them telling them what you want, to being placed on hold and being hung up on after waiting 30 minutes or more by (Insert Any Company that uses robots on phone these days).

Disney NBA Hotel Enroute!?!

Of course Disney owns ESPN, so the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at Disney is a no brainer. But an NBA Hotel!?!

Disney NBA Hotel 2019
Disney NBA Hotel 2019

Disney definitely has their finger on the proverbial pulse. The NFL and their ratings have been plummeting and the NBA has been rapidly on the rise. It will be interesting to see where the two leagues end up in the next 3 years, but it looks like Disney is going all in that the NBA wins out on that battle (and based on my newest Podcast…I would have to agree).


Disney Does Sports (and Everything Else) RIGHT!
The Fantasy Doctors NBA Podcast


There is a book called “If Disney Ran My Hospital” By Free Lee. Lee was a Doctor who worked with Disney on their own private healthcare system. He was so amazed by how well they ran things as an operation, he applied it to his hospital and the healthcare field. That is what I want to do with all of my business endeavors. I want to give my customers, clients, and patients a Magical like experience.  Comment below, or on any of my social media outlets if you institute any “Magical” experiences in your businesses.

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