Condiment King: Whole30 Compliant Ketchup

Condiment King: Whole30 Compliant Ketchup


Its time for the Condiment King to check in with you guys again for one of my absolute necessities for Whole30: KETCHUP! I will be the first to admit, for the entirety of my life, I have been a ketchup snob. It was Heinz Ketchup of GTFO. My wife (who I fully give all credit to for helping find my lifestyle transformational “New Groove” (favorite Disney movie reference)) once tried to feed me Annie’s Organic Ketchup and you would have thought I was this kid:

One thing I have noticed after doing several Whole30’s over the last few years is that your taste buds change once you start removing sugar and processed foods from your diet. I now make my own ketchup, and while it is not Heinz Ketchup, it is really not too bad.  There are several versions of Whole30 compliant ketchup out there, and this one is a little more labor intensive. I usually make it on a Saturday or Sunday when I have the time, but I make a large batch and put it in a mason jar. That usually lasts for about 2 weeks.




(1) Cup chopped dates

(2) 6 oz cans Organic Tomato paste

(2) 14 oz Cans diced tomatoes

(4) Tablespoons apple cider vinegar

(1) Cup bone broth

(2) teaspoons garlic powder

(2) teaspoons onion powder

(2) teaspoons salt




  1. Place all ingredients in a sauce pan
  2. Cook on medium low for 20 minutes then turn heat off (you may want to do this covered to avoid splattering all over the stovetop)
  3. Use immersion blender to puree the mixture until smooth
  4. Turn back on low heat for 10 minutes
  5. I then usually like to blend it one more


You can still have, nearly all of the sauces and dips and condiments your heart desires…but without the loads of sugar and chemicals that are found in the store bought, processed brands.  It may take a little more work, but most of these recipes are very simple. I even make my own mayo now and it takes about 2 minutes! But that is a blog for another day…

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