Celebrate Good Times Come On (By One Man Band Red)

Celebrate Good Times Come On (By One Man Band Red)

I am writing tonight to tell you about a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT! Its time to celebrate good times come on (By One Man Band Red)!  The PT Educator blog will continue, but there will also be an additional VLOG, yes a video blog to go along with the daily blog posts. It will just be a bit of a personal reflection about the daily blog, but it should be both helpful and fun. This fits the new direction of PT Educator as an INFO-TAINMENT site. Its educational, informational, but also an entertaining way to approach healthcare literacy.

So What Is Next?

Head over to YOUTUBE AND SUBSCRIBE TO PT EDUCATOR! The share out the VLOG to anyone and everyone that you feel could benefit from the daily topic. It will still follow the blog format of Makers of Music Monday, Teach Me Something Tuesday, Wellfie Wednesay, Throw Me The Ball Thursday, and Foodie Friday. What is more important, if you have topics you want discussed, please feel free to comment about them on the youtube channel, here on the blog, or on any of the social media accounts that are already out there for PT Educator. There are so many more amazing books, eBooks, courses, and blogs planned for the next few months, I can’t wait to roll all of this out for you all. It truly is time to celebrate good times come on!


I talked about this on social media last week. Collaboration is key to spreading the good word of health and wellness. Physical therapists and beyond will be key to this movement…on movement. I plan on working with as many thought leaders and great minds as I can over the next few years to increase the general populations healthcare literacy!


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