Makers Of Music Monday: Change Your Mind (Mindset)

Makers Of Music Monday: Change Your Mind (Mindset) I have been hearing this song in my dreams a lot lately. I am not entirely sure why, but I know mindset and change and shifting of mindset has been the talk of the town lately. So for today’s Makers Of Music Monday: Change Your Mind (Mindset) I … Read more

Celebrate Good Times Come On (By One Man Band Red)

Celebrate Good Times Come On (By One Man Band Red) I am writing tonight to tell you about a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT! Its time to celebrate good times come on (By One Man Band Red)!  The PT Educator blog will continue, but there will also be an additional VLOG, yes a video blog to go along … Read more

On The Road Again

On The Road Again For today’s Maker’s of Music Monday, I bring you a Willie Nelson classic, “On The Road Again”. Why you ask? Because A) We finally released the Mobile PT Roadmap Course for sale and B) I have been on a punk cover kick lately! The course breaks down how to start and … Read more

Manic Monday? Worry No More! #WomenInPT

Manic Monday? Worry No More! #WomenInPT Women Entrepreneurs…Are you looking to take your business to the next level? Are you unsure of what steps you need to take in order to start a business and take the leap? Are you looking to get your branding on point? Maybe you just need a little mentorship and/or … Read more

Eye Of The Tiger

Eye Of The Tiger You have got to love The Eye Of The Tiger. Here is a brief Passenger rendition before he goes into his song, Let Her Go. The thing I love about this little cover rendition is how perfectly imperfect it is. It is a perfect way to introduce the perfectly imperfect release … Read more

Its The Final Countdown…

Its The Final Countdown… I remember when this song used to be the theme for The Final Four Tournament and March Madness! Now I give to you Arrested Development fans, the new version of Its The Final Countdown… It Truly is the Final Countdown It is the last few days to register for Paul Gough’s … Read more

Ooh Child, Things Are Gonna Get Easier

Ooh Child, Things Are Gonna Get Easier It is Avengers: Infinity War week, and while I have not yet seen this masterpiece, I have heard nothing but rave reviews. One of the main reasons I have not yet been able to see the movie is that I have been working diligently on several side projects … Read more

The Million Dollar Man

The Million Dollar Man The time has come!!! This week Paul Gough is releasing his Profit Blueprint which you can get right HERE through my affiliate link! Today’s theme music sponsored by The Million Dollar Man, Ted Dibiase, and the amazingness that was the 1980’s! Why The WWF Was and Is So Successful SPOILER ALERT: … Read more

Still Crazy After All These Years

Still Crazy After All These Years I celebrated a birthday recently. It wasn’t a “milestone” birthday or anything. I turned 39. Kind of a scary one knowing what is on the horizon. Quite frankly, I have been so busy this year pushing the envelope, that the day kind of came and went unnoticed and unremarkably. … Read more

Teach Your Children Well

Teach Your Children Well Watching my children grow and learn always reminds me of the Crosby Stills Nash and Young song,”Teach Your Children Well”. My dad always loved this song, and it’s obvious why in that he was an educator. I think he and my mom did an amazing job not only raising my brother and, … Read more