ASTRO-nomical! (See What I Did There?)

ASTRO-nomical! (See What I Did There?)

Last night was truly ASTRO-nomical! (See What I Did There?) A heartfelt congratulations to the Houston Astros, the city of Houston, and their fans for a well deserved World Series victory. It was their first ever as a franchise, and I can always get behind new faces winning the trophy if the Mets can not. After the hurricane damage Houston sustained, and my wife being from the Katy area, just outside of Houston, it was nice to see this fairy tale play out. It was very reminiscent of Drew Brees and the Saints winning a Super Bowl after Katrina.

So What’s Next?

And just like that…the baseball season and all of its 162(+) games is over. But these last few weeks was the “Golden Time” of the sports year. The NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA are ALL playing at the same time. Its like Christmas in October for sports fans, which is another reason Fall is my favorite season. But as I have been talking about for weeks, it has been a rough season for New York Sports teams (especially my favorites). The good news is, only 114 days until pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training. So we take a deep breath, and hope. We hope the Mets can finally pull it together, we hope the Islanders are finally rebuilt, and we hope the Knicks just don’t embarrass us. But the main thing is we hope.

Spring Training
Spring Training


There are so many hope dealers these days, and that is a good thing. I feel like a hope dealer everyday I put on my scrubs and go to work because I am literally presenting my value as hope. Hope that with my knowledge base and your goals, we, as a team or healthcare alliance, can get you back to doing what you love to do on a daily basis. My hope dealers are not only found in my teams, but in my colleagues and in the great clinicians and scientists doing their part to find cures, treatments, and solutions to the many difficult problems and issues out there. Which is another reason I love my job: Physical Therapists are Problem Solvers! So go out there today and be a problem solver, no matter what your role or occupation.

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