Are You Eating Enough?

Are You Eating Enough?

I know…I know…as a resident fat guy, this seems like an easy question with a simple answer. “Are you eating enough?”  “You are probably eating too much” is what you would think…but apparently you would be wrong. For the last 2 years or so, I have been eating a relatively Whole30 eating habit, and I have lost about 45 pounds. I am down now to 305. Only 5 more pouds to go before I hit my first goal of losing “the first 50” and getting down to under 300 pounds. The issue is…I have plateaued and hit a brick wall.

Are You Eating Enough?
Joey Chestnut

How Much Is Enough?

So a typical day for me would look like this: 2 eggs (or a banana) for breakfast, 2 cups of veggies and 1 cup of protein style leftovers from the night before (say fried cauliflower rice and pork belly) and a dinner of mashed sweet potatoes and turkey chili. There may be an RX bar or a handful of almonds during the day if I got hungry. All of this was washed down with about 120 oz of water. If I had to estimate my caloric intake with our shift towards 80% vegetables and 20% proteins, I would say I was taking in a daily amount of 1800 to 2200 calories per day. Not too shabby right? Wrong! I probably should be eating something closer to this:

3000 calories
25/40/35 ratio
188g of carbs
133g of fat
263g of protein


There are many different diets, eating habits, and answers to meet your goals. Whether it be weight loss or muscle gain or both, every person can have a specific dietary program that is “right” for them. Chances are, I don’t have the answer to your dietary needs, but the best part of being a physical therapist is…I know who does have the answers.  It is brilliant minds like Brianne Showman Brown at Get Your Fix PT and Patrick Berner (of Wellfie Wednesday fame) with Preventative Lifestyle.

I can’t wait to refer them clients as I come across people who may benefit from their services. These are brilliants minds doing amazing things in the world of healthcare and physical therapy, and I am so grateful I get to toe the line between healthcare practitioner and healthcare consumer. I feel it is so beneficial to be able to share my journey as an average joe with my patients so they can see the struggle is literally real.

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