Are sports scholarships a possibility for your child?

Are sports scholarships a possibility for your child?

There was a great article posted recently on It asked the questions, “are sports scholarships a possibility for your child?” It broke down the actual statistical probability of your child getting a college scholarship for athletics. What was great about this post was it broke it down by sport, by sex, and by college level. If you consider Division I-III, the odds are not too terrible.

For males, some of the best odds for college scholarship were For females, some of the top sports for scholarship opportunities were

This brings up the age old debate of whether or not to specialize in one sport and focus on those skills, or (like much of the recent research suggests) play several sports. But this is a topic of debate for a completely different blog post on a different day.


For boys, fencing, gymnastics, and lacrosse mark the three most statistically easy sports to get scholarships in. These make sense since not too many people play these sports (although lacrosse is gaining momentum the last few years). For girls, the top three sports were fencing, ice hockey, and lacrosse. Again, two of the three were the same, but they are sports that not too many girls are playing at the high school level currently.


As the father of a 6 year old girl and a 7 month old son, we have started college savings accounts for them as soon as they were born. By the time they are ready for school, who knows what the cost of college will be and if we will have enough money to cover it. But I do know one thing…if one of them can manage to obtain one of these scholarships, that college savings account is becoming Daddy’s boat money! And I may need to invest in fencing swords…

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