And the award for most concussions in kids sports goes to…

And the award for most concussions in kids sports goes to…

And the award for most concussions in kids sports goes to…that is right, you guessed it (or did you…), Girls Soccer.  My first guess would have been High School Football. Seems like a logical guess, with football being a heavy contact sport, and these young athletes getting bigger and stronger at younger ages these days. But at the most recent Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), Girls Soccer was crowned present King/Queen of Concussions. “While American football has been both scientifically and colloquially associated with the highest concussion rates, our study found that girls, and especially those who play soccer, may face a higher risk,” said Wellington Hsu, MD, professor of orthopaedics at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine and lead author of the study.

That study can be found here for those interested. Although it is only one study, and I generally recommend we not take just one study as the end all, be all, it can help us make informed decisions. Informed decisions can become even easier as more research supporting a finding comes to light.

Interesting Trend

The fact that Girls Soccer faces higher risk of concussion than even football is a concerning trend for me. As the father of a 6 year old daughter (who is just now starting to show an interest in soccer) it is definitely in the back of my mind. Do I want to allow her to participate in a sport that, should she enjoy it and excel at it, puts her at a higher risk for concussions. I had already partially decided that my 7 month old son was not going to play football (even though I played football in High School and have a few relatively fond memories and great friendships from it).


Some High School Sports are dangerous for your kids. Gather all the information you can and talk about it with your family to come to an informed decision as to which sports your kids play!

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