Analyzing the Freak Injury Suffered by Colts Henry Anderson

Analyzing the Freak Injury Suffered by Colts Henry Anderson

I wrote a blog on The Fantasy Doctors last night about one of the weirdest injuries I have seen in the last few years of the NFL. I have attached the article below for my closest friends, fans, and followers, but check it out in all its fully published glory here. And for all things Fantasy Sports Injury Related, follow theses Twitter accounts: @TheFantasyDRS @TFDPodcast @TFDAnalytics

Analyzing The Laryngeal Fracture Suffered By Colts Henry Anderson

In an NFL season plagued with Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries, this is by far one of the weirdest injuries sustained in the last few years in the league. The Indianapolis Colts defensive lineman Henry Anderson suffered a laryngeal fracture in Sunday’s game against the Houston Texans.

What on earth is a laryngeal fracture you ask? Have no fear, the Fantasy Doctors have you covered. The larynx is a structure more commonly known in humans as the voice box. It is made up of several pieces of cartilage (or firm but flexible connective tissue), a few small muscles, and the vocal cords.

The larynx is located in the front of the neck and it helps generate pitch and volume in the sound of our voices. It also helps protect us by not allowing foreign objects from entering our lungs when we cough or choke and try to swallow.

The Injury

A fractured larynx (or laryngeal fracture) generally occurs from a direct blow to the neck as in a punch or a clothesline to the throat area. Painful swallowing, swelling, and difficulty in breathing and talking can all by symptoms when the larynx is fractured. Just like any bone, 4-6 weeks of healing is expected, and rest followed by speech therapy and swallowing exercises are to be expected.

Return to Play

This unfortunately will end the season of the Colts’ Anderson. That is unfortunate for this young and promising 26 year old because he was having a pretty good season for the thus far unlucky Colts. Anderson amassed 22 tackles with 2 sacks with one forced fumble in his 380 defensive snaps so far this season. Out of approximately 44 defensive tackles, Anderson was ranked 15 in his ability to stop the run, and he will leave a big void in that Colts defensive front.

Henry Anderson
Henry Anderson

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