An Open Thank You Note To Women’s Health Specialists

An Open Thank You Note To Women’s Health Specialists

This week, I get to attend a conference with more than two hundred of the nation’s leading physical therapists and entrepreneurs. I even get to hear The Pelvic Guru Tracy Sher speak! Why am I so thankful for Smart Success PT? Mainly because of the network of amazing go getters and individuals setting the Physical Therapy World on Fire. This week in particular I am thankful for some of the many powerful women I have met in the real of pelvic health. Why? Because it freaks me out, I am not a specialist in that area, and these ladies are experts!

Who’s Who Among Pelvic Floor Specialty

Anytime I have a patient with pelvic floor issues, I have about three to four go to experts that I can turn to. Regardless of if it is a male or female patient, I know I can trust these folks because they are the authorities. One of my favorite dynamic duos is Sandy Hilton and Sarah Haag at Entropy Physio. Another member of the #pelvicmafia is the aforementioned Pelvic Guru, Tracy Sher. Finally, with all things women’s health related, I like to go to friend and former co-worker Lisa Holland.


The thing I love about these ladies is not only are they women’s health and pelvic floor guru’s, but they have such amazing business prowess.  I admire these ladies and strongly recommend you check out everything they are doing in the business. I will stress again, if you are a woman looking to increased your brand game and build up your female empire, check out Lisa Holland’s Mind Body Brand Academy. This week she has a ton of neat freebies going on where you can start to get a picture for the full experience of working with her.


An Open Thank You Note To The Pelvic Floor Gurus
An Open Thank You Note To The Pelvic Floor Gurus
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