A Lesson From High Fidelity: Rob Gordon’s Top 5 List

A Lesson From High Fidelity: Rob Gordon’s Top 5 List

Today’s Makers of Music Monday blog was inspired by a good friend of mine Jen. I got to visit with Jen over the weekend while attending a conference in Chicago. Jen asked me what my favorite Ryan Adams’ album was. For those of you who know me, Ryan Adams is a favorite artist of mine, so choosing my favorite album of his proved to be a challenge.


The process I used to come to my final conclusion paid homage to Rob Gordon. Rob Gordon is a character in Nick Hornby’s book, High Fidelity. Nick Hornby is also the author of About A Boy, Slam, and he wrote the screenplay for Fever Pitch. High Fidelity was eventually made into a movie and John Cusak played our hero, Rob Gordon.

Rob owns a record shop called Championship Vinyl (which he parlays into a production studio/record label called Top 5 Records).  Rob names his record company Top 5 Records because throughout the entire movie he is creating lists of Top 5’s.


So I created my top 5 list of Ryan Adams albums:

#5: Ryan Adams
#4: Prisoner
#3: Heartbreaker
#2: Gold
#1: Cold Roses

If you like a good singer/songwriter or slow “sad bastard” music, click on any of those links and grab you some Ryan Adams tunes.


If you are ever struggling with a decision, make a list. I feel like I have a few new lists upcoming thanks to my friend Jen (favorite song, favorite albums). But let’s say you have a patient with a shoulder issue, and you are not sure what is going on, make a list of possibilities that you think it could be. Then take it a step further and make a list of treatment ideas you think would work for each one. If there are some that overlap, maybe you try some of those treatment ideas first.

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