A Great Way To Beat Your Addiction To Food

A Great Way To Beat Your Addiction To Food

If you are like me, and battled (or are still battling) an addition to food, I may have found an interesting life hack on how to beat that addiction. This will be one of the most satirical and yet most truthful blog posts I have even written in my life, entitled: A Great Way To Beat Your Addiction To Food.

The Answer is simple: Complete your open enrollment to your company’s health insurance coverage!

A Great Way To Beat Your Addiction To Food
Graph on Insurance vs. Income

How Will Your Company’s Health Insurance Coverage Help You Beat Your Food Addition?

There are two parts to this answer. The first one is a somewhat real answer. If you want to save money and costs on healthcare, you need to take care of yourself, eat right, and exercise. If you do these things, in theory, you should get sick less, require less doctors visits, less medication, and stay OUT of the healthcare system, which in turn will save you a lot of money. By taking all of these little steps to take ownership and responsibility for your own health, you will likely break any sort of addiction to food (or at least bad foods) because you will have to follow healthier habits in order to succeed at this.

The Second part is written in part for humor, but in part as a serious post as well. In being as open and transparent as possible, I am here to tell you that my job as a physical therapist has afforded my a great salary. It is such a great salary that my wife is able to stay at home with the kids. In congruence with the graph posted above, my insurance premiums this year are increasing from $600 per paycheck to $981 per paycheck. That is $1962 per month. That is $23, 544 per year.

Let that sink in for a minute…

I am paying more per year for insurance coverage (which I need in order to support, cover, and take care of my kids and my Type-1 diabetic wife) than the annual salary of many of my patients. A salary in the amount of $23,544 per year is a very respectable, hard working, hard earned salary for some Americans. I am paying that alone in INSURANCE COVERAGE….AND I WORK IN THE MEDICAL FIELD!!!! So by enrolling in my company’s medical insurance coverage, I CAN NOT AFFORD to buy food, so the addiction will hence forth be broken! Thanks Medical Insurance!


As I stated earlier, this blog post was written partially in jest, but its partially serious as well. We are reaching a medical coverage bubble crisis, much like the internet bubble or the mortgage bubble or the student loan bubble, and it is about to burst.

I am not here to whine or complain about the situation, because it only fuels me further to work harder (at several different jobs and avenues) to beat this situation. However, I am here to bring awareness to the escalating situation and start discussions on this issue. We need to do more, we need to better by our citizens, and we need to demand more of our politicians than mean tweets and sex scandals. I would love to engage in dialogue on this, if you agree (or disagree) please feel free to leave me a comment here (or on any of my social media outlets)

A Great Way To Beat Addiction To Food
Medical Insurance Costs

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