A Call to STOP BULKING UP (Sort of…)

A Call to STOP BULKING UP (Sort of…)

To say that the New York Mets have had an injury problem this season is an understatement. A look at this latest tweet from Adam Rubin shows the status of the Mets THIS WEEK!!!

Mets Injury Update
Mets Injury Update

How the training staff is still employed is beyond me. I feel like literally almost anyone could step in a do a better job at training the New York Mets in strength and conditioning at present time, because it could literally not get any worse.

The Tale of Yoenis Cespedes

I do not blame the training staff in it’s entirety however. At some point the fault has to be placed back on the players to some extent. They are literally million dollar plus investments for these teams, and they need to treat their bodies as such. This is not the last New York Mets baseball rant you will hear from me this season (but it is getting pretty close to the last…I promise). This off season, an already injury plagued Yoenis Cespedes “bulked up”. We saw training videos of him hurling heavy medicine balls across the gym. At first glance, this would appear a good thing. When your power hitter is trying to better himself by getting stronger you should be excited. But was strength of an already massive individual what was really needed?

This article states how Yo is trying to decrease his strengthening in the off season and increase his flexibility and move towards becoming a better, more functional athlete. I will say Yo himself has mentioned more yoga and stretching, which I applaud. I have just recently started doing yoga, and I am already seeing some of the benefits.


I haven’t lifted weights in nearly 10 years. I just started back again in attempts to get healthy. But bulking up and huge is not my goal, and perhaps it shouldn’t be your either. If it is your goal, and you are succeeding, great! However, if getting “ripped” and “shredded” is not going to benefit you, perhaps its not an appropriate goal for you.  I am literally just trying to get a little healthier and a little stronger, and I am perfectly happy with my slow and steady progress, and you can be too if you set the right goals.

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