22 Year Streak…But I Still Love The Masters

22 Year Streak…But I Still Love The Masters

I have been entering The Masters Ticket lottery system for 22 years now. All 22 years have been unsuccessful mind you. A 22 year streak…but I still love The Masters. Let us take a moment to marvel in the many reasons I love The Masters.

The List

The Masters is a premier golf tournament held in April every year. It is Spring, it is getting warm, and it is my birth month (sometimes The Masters even ends up ON my birthday which is extra fun!). The magnolias and the azaleas are blooming! My dad used to be in awe of how they timed the blooming of the floral areas of Augusta year after year…turns out they use special tricks and secrets of the trade (like icing or heating the ground as needed to time them perfectly). The trophy (a replica of the Augusta National Clubhouse) play second fiddle to the real prize…a Green Jacket.

Green Jacket
Green Jacket

The Quest

Of course I could spends hundreds or even thousands of dollars on tickets to The Masters, but as of right now, my budget would not allow for that. So I will keep trying the lottery system. But I think this year I will begin researching how to get to Augusta National. I vaguely remember hearing the Caddie Company I used to work for out at Kiawah Island, SC was the same one that Augusta National used, and if you put in your time during the year Caddying there, you could play on the one day out of the year they allow Caddies to play. I will have to research that as well.


I will get to Augusta National, oh yes, I will get there. The how and the when are still undetermined, but mind you, I will get there, and I am sure it will be glorious!

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